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It's Kickoff Time!

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

I started this journey into the world of community cats and trap-neuter-return (TNR) over eight years ago by creating our first Facebook group Trap-Neuter-Return Community. From that time to just recently, I have felt the biggest challenge to our cats was getting approval/acceptance of TNR.

That has now changed for me as I see the effects of the latest animal sheltering model, Managed Intake, as an even bigger threat to our cats (and dogs). This model, as it stands, is incomplete and has made us ask: is it about the animals or is it about the shelter and numbers. Through much data analysis and research, we have constructed ways this model needs to be improved to help cats and dogs and the community the shelters are now relying on.

Many shelters have begun to think about their animal services system and the potential for preventing animals from even entering a shelter. As more shelters turn to this Managed Intake (decreased intake) and Community Sheltering, the burden will now fall to rescues, TNR groups and individuals who are already underfunded and under-resourced as it is.

Let’s start chatting about this so we all see the whole picture and everyone understands how important this is to our cats and dogs. I will be doing periodic posts and all will be housed in one spot on our Proactive Animal Sheltering website called – Blog! (original, right?)

In the meantime, I want you to see the mission of Community Cats United Inc. because it is the source of our dedication and work. Notice that it involves the Community because we ARE a team working to improve the lives of our cat (and dog) family!

Strength In Numbers! Team Humane!


The mission of the Community Cats United, Inc. is to engage members worldwide who dedicate themselves to the care taking and efforts towards feline overpopulation. Our vision is to uplift shelter medicine, encourage more TNR clinics, support our members in whatever area of cat rescue and advocacy they volunteer within, and to push forward towards an end goal of lessening the plight of unowned cats everywhere.

We respect and salute the men and women who act as caretakers, assist in the sterilization, and advocate on behalf of these unhomed, beautiful creatures.

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Really really appreciate this. it’s so easy to get Buried in the day today details of doing TNR and helping outdoor cats in ways small and large I just want you to know how much I appreciate that and if ever I can help contribute I want to.

Beth Frank
Beth Frank
Mar 04, 2023
Replying to

Always looking to network for cats - and dogs!

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