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How We Can Help You

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How We Can Help You

We all recognize the need to humanely reduce dog and cat overpopulations and animal shelter/rescue intake.  Covid-related closings led to fewer dogs and cats entering our shelters/rescues.  This gave us a glimpse of what our shelters could look like and do if they were not so overwhelmed with dogs, cats and their litters.  What if we could do this all the time?


We have analyzed data for close to 400 animal shelters in the US over several years.  As a result, we have developed a system to determine the environmental factors that our shelters face daily.  Is there an overpopulation of cats and dogs facing the shelter or are either cats or dogs a bigger issue?  Determining this is the starting point for humanely reducing overpopulation and making your budgeted dollars do the most good.


This is NOT a shelter problem but the shelter plays an important role in bringing about change.  This is a community issue and it takes all of us to change it.

We provide shelter data analysis that focuses on reducing overpopulation and intake in your community.  For years, our shelters have been told to focus on live release rates, which has led to transporting animals from one region to another.  What happens when that pipeline dries up - because it will.  Overpopulation is a nationwide issue.  We cannot transport, foster or euthanize our way out of this.  We cannot abandon animals to the streets to keep intake lower.  We must address the SOURCE of the issue.

Contact us to discuss how we can apply our common sense sheltering approach to your community and shelter.  We are the only organization to use data in this way!

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