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We believe that focusing on Spay and Neuter of dogs and cats is the only effective and humane way to address dog and cat overpopulation. And it Must Be All Three - Owned Pets, Community Cats and Shelter/Rescue Animals!

Please support our work by making a donation. A community cat can be fixed for as little as $25 in many areas - including vaccination and ear-tip.

About Us

Community Cats United, Inc. is the parent of Proactive Animal Sheltering and Fixfinder.


Community Cats United, Inc.

is an incorporated non-profit and 501(c)3 registered with the US Internal Revenue Service. Your donations may be tax deductible - please consult your tax expert,

What Makes Us Unique?

All donations go directly to spay/neuter projects. We are ALL-VOLUNTEER - we have no salaries, employees, buildings or overhead.

Donate Now!

By PayPal

By Mail

Please make checks payable to:


Community Cats United, Inc./Proactive Animal Sheltering

P. O. Box 52

Carrollton, MI 48724

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